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Recently, much of my time has been spent as a speaker on creativity and the imagination in the public schools.

I talk about the art projects as a way of raising the students awareness. This empowers the young people to let them know that one person can make a difference that they too can create a life with and of meaning.

I talk to high school art classes, middle grade school and grammar school students and bring them into the studio and talk to them about following that tiny little voice inside that says do it this way, or that says what about this, or how about this feeling or this way of thought. I tell them, "That's your inner voice of truth talking to you."

They work in teams of 4 or 5 to get the idea of "community" yet they can still use their own individual ideas and together assemble unique marine creations that they then take with them and paint up. I tell them that art is about ushering in new ideas not about decoration. I tell them that artistically I am self-taught and that if you have passion about something – you can get it done.

I tell them we are globally connected – the sea, the water connects everyone on the planet so what happens here happens everywhere.

see photos of a class in Kovel's Studio

see photos of a workshop on the water
in New London

Dear Dr. Kovel -

      We had a very nice time looking at all of your interesting fish.

Your fish was how do you say dangerous and interesting at the same time. What I mean by dangerous is that you had a lot of nails in it.

      We have enclosed a picture of our projects that we did together.

      I also learned that you shouldn't judge peoples paintings, because what might be ugly to you is pretty to someone else.

      Thank you for your time.



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